Cayouche needs no introduction in Acadie, where he is a living and breathing social phenomena. But the singer-songwriter’s popularity goes beyond Acadie’s borders.

In Cayouche, le temps d’une bière, director Maurice André Aubin takes us along for a ride with this uncompromising artist who is without artifice, true to his numerous fans and especially true to himself. From Burnsville in the Acadian Peninsula to Paris by way of Normandy, Cayouche reveals his multi facetted-personality during this fascinating road movie. Cayouche, le temps d’une bière, is an intimate odyssey with a man and his Harley-Davidson.
Title: Cayouche, le temps d'une bière
Year: 2009
Length: 52 minutes
Format: HD
Director(s): Maurice André Aubin
Producer(s): Maurice André Aubin and Suzette Lagacé
Language: French
Broadcaster(s): Société Radio-Canada Atlantique and ARTV
Distributor(s): Mozus Productions