The arrival of an eccentric Rita Melanson propels her once-picturesque, Acadian hometown into action when she accidently buys both the church and the rectory.

She finds herself forced to transform her newly acquired property into a profitable business in the hope of selling it. Easier said than done.  Rita must contend with Lomer, her jilted ex-fiancé-turned-town-mayor looming overhead.  Thankfully, she has allies: her cousin Ferraille, a jack of all trades, her best friend Yolande, a reluctant farmer and Zoël, a young bohemian Québecker. Surrounded by an array of impulsive, poorly planned schemes, our merry band attempts to attract tourism and build a company to help inject new economic growth in their hometown.  Tourists will definitely get their money’s worth when they enter their « little Acadian cousins’ » rural and quirky world.  Rita Melanson’s wondrous and adventurous universe welcomes you!


Title: À la valdrague
Year: 2017-2019
Length: 24 X 26 minutes
Format: HD
Director(s): Joël Robichaud Jean-Marc Piché
Producer(s): Suzette Lagacé and Maurice André Aubin
Language: Français
Broadcaster(s): ARTV, Radio-Canada télévision