The Utrecht treaty was signed in 1713. It changed the face of the world.

This documentary, hosted by the algonquin\metis rapper Samian, tells the story from the point of view of those who were not at the table to sign this most important treaty that had consequences for all populations of America.

Examining these events, we are reminded of the foundation of our existing economy which is still based in the savage extraction of our natural ressources and we discover the attitudes and mentality of the aboriginal, the acadian and the europeans in their relationship to the exploitation of this land.


SAMIAN discovers the consequences of the Utrecht treaty over the course of his meetings with militants and thinkers of our times: Serge Bouchard, Chief Ghislain Picard, Dominique Rankin, and historians Dale Miquelon, Renger de Bruin and Françoise Enguehard to name a few.


Director / writer:  Paul Bossé


Producer: Suzette Lagacé

Length : 91 minutes, HD, Animation

Technical Information:

With the participation of


Dale Miquelon, Serge Bouchard, Alma Brooks, Renger de Bruin, Daniel Paul, Françoise Enguehard, Peter Pope, James Hiller, Chief Misel Joe, Rob Strong, John Reid, Jean-Louis Deveau, Roni-Gilles Leblanc, Gregory Kennedy, Jean-Paul Arsenault, Dominique Rankin, Chief Ghislain Picard.


Director & Writer :  Paul Bossé

Project idea : Eric Allard

Hosted by :  Samian

Research : Françoise Enguehart and Éric Allard

Director of Photography :  Mario Paulin

Narrator: Karène Chiasson

Visual effects : Blake Stillwell

Animation : JoseLuis Osorio Torrico

Editor : Ronald Curwin, Emmanuel Albert

Sound design and audio mixing : Chris Goguen, Paul Goguen

Original musical score  : DJ Horg

Producer : Suzette Lagacé